Calculate Size of Structure - C Language Programming

Program in C Language to Calculate Size of Structure

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 Statement - Calculate Size of Structure
 Programmer - Vineet Choudhary
 Written For -


struct stud {
    int roll;
    char name[10];
    int marks;

int main() {
    int size;
    struct stud s;
    size = sizeof(s);
    printf("nSize of Structure : %d", size);

 Explanation :
 Structure is Collection of elements of the Different data Types.
 Size of the Structure Can be Evaluated using “sizeof Operator”
 size = sizeof(s);
 Formula for Calculating Size of Structure :
 Size of Structure 'S' = sizeof(roll) + sizeof(name) + sizeof(mark)
 = 2 + 10 + 2
 = 14
 ->Size depends on your computer
 Remember :
 sizeof is Operator not function
 sizeof Operator Takes any Variable as Parameter.
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