Sample HLS (m3u8) streams test URLs (VOD and LIVE)

When you're working with HLS, whether you're testing an HLS player or just trying to figure out how HLS works, it's super handy to have some sample HLS m3u8 URLs ready to test. I often catch myself googling for these URLs, so I've put together a list for you right here!

VOD HLS Stream

1. Becoming You

2. Skate Phantom Flex

3. Tears of Steel

4. Tears of Steel

5. Big Buck Bunny

6. DAI Discontinuity (Ad-insertion in event stream)

7. Historic Planet 3D Test HLS Stream for Apple Vision Pro (visionOS)

8. Bip-Bop

9. Sintel


1. Tears of Steel

2. Sky News

Portrait HLS Video

Other resources

Note - We don't own these sample video streams, and they might stop working at any time.


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