Download Xcode and other Developer Tools up to 16 times faster

Downloader of Apple Developer

Downloading Xcode from the Mac App Store or Apple Developer Website is very slow and sometimes it's terribly slow if it is a new release like 11.4 Beta.

So, here a tool (Downloader for Apple Developer) that you can use to download Xcode and other tools from the Apple Developer Website up to 16 times faster (using the multi-connection download). Here are some feature of this tool -

  • 🚀 Download Xcode and other developer tools up to 16 times faster.
  • ✨ Resume download automatically if the download failed due to any reason.
  • 🔧 Multiple downloads supported but no proper UI for that.


Using curl

You can install Downloader by running the following command in your terminal -

curl -s | bash


If you face any issue using the above command then you can manually install it by downloading it from Github. After that, unzip and move into the /Applications directory.

How to use

Step Description
1. Log in with your Apple Developer Account.
2. After login, you'll see the Apple Developer Downloads page.
3. Select any file which you want to download.


How it works

"Downloader for Apple Developers" uses aria2 an open-source lightweight multi-protocol & multi-source, cross-platform download utility operated in command-line. aria2 provide a faster way to download other files.


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