Facebook advertising charging you for your direct traffic. Beware Advertisers.

If you use a third-party reporting tool to gather insights about your ads, your reporting not match your Facebook Ads reporting. The traffic number tracked by third-party was still about only 25% to 50% of what Facebook reported. But why?

Here the reason, if a person saw or ignored your ad on Facebook and later visited your site, it will be counted as Facebook’s conversion? Even though s/he didn’t click on the ad?

You can found it on Facebook Official Help Page.

You may even be running other promotions elsewhere. And it is one those other promotions that may have brought this person to your site. But that too will go to Facebook’s credit (and money)?

So, please don't rely on what CPC numbers Facebook reports for your ad. Do you own tracking and calculations. The cost per click may be 25% to 50% of what Facebook reported.


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