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Windows 10 Free Upgrade Offer to End Soon

The free upgrade offer to Windows 10 was a first for Microsoft, helping people upgrade faster than ever before. And time is running out. The free upgrade offer will end on July 29 and we want to make sure you don’t miss out. After July 29th, you’ll be

Download Swift for Windows

Swift is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language created for iOS, OS X, watchOS, tvOS and Linux development by Apple Inc. "Swift for Windows" is a free, open source tool that provide runtime environment for swift programming language to compile and run on Windows OS with graphical interface.

Complete guide about Windows Store Analytics API with Sample Code

Dev Center released the Windows Store analytics API, which provides analytics information for your Windows Store apps without requiring logging into Dev Center. Using a REST API you can retrieve the same information you see in Dev Center for app and in-app purchase acquisitions, ratings and reviews, as well as

Prevent the screen from locking on UWP

This post contains answer to the question, How to prevent the screen from locking on Windows Universal Platform. Simple Answer DisplayRequest class var displayRequest = new DisplayRequest(); displayRequest.RequestActive(); //to request keep display on displayRequest.RequestRelease(); //to release request of keep display on Detailed Answer Using display requests to keep the

Check internet connectivity in UWP

In this article you will learn, how to check Internet connection availability, Internet connection availability via WWLA(WiFi) or WWAN (Mobile), check whether device connected to a metered network or not and sense the significant network availability changes. 1. Check Internet Connection Availability To check whether internet connected or not
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