Unix cat program - Programming Puzzles

One of the most common standard tasks is to implement a "cat program": read all of STDIN and print it to STDOUT. While this is named after the Unix shell utility cat.


  • You should write a full program which reads the contents of the standard input stream and writes them verbatim to the standard output stream.
  • If and only if your language does not support standard input and/or output streams, you may instead take these terms to mean their closest equivalent in your language (e.g. JavaScript's prompt and and alert).
  • The output should contain exactly the input and nothing else.
  • This also applies to newlines.


Jump to C, CSharp, JavaScript, PHP Solution.
You can submit your own solution in comment section in same/different programming language. If your solution is better or in different language we'll add here.


int main()
	int i;


using System;

namespace testcs
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            for (;;System.Console.WriteLine(System.Console.In.ReadLine()));




<? fpassthru(STDIN);


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