[Xcode Pro Tips] How to use Asset Catalogs to support Named Colors?

As you know, you are able to use Xcode Asset Catalogs to manage your images and other file-based resources since iOS 7. But from iOS 11 (with Xcode 9), Asset catalogs support named colors that can be used in source files and Interface Builder.

You can create a color that is device-specific or the same on all devices. You give the color set a name and it appears in the color menu in Interface Builder. Here the steps to -

1. Create a Color Set

  • You can add Color Set to Assets.xcassets, but you can also create a new .xcassets file to manage colors only. To create a new .xcassets file, add a new Assets Catalog file with name Colors.xcassets
  • In the Project navigator, select the Colors.xcassets asset catalog.
  • Choose New Color Set from the Add button (+) menu at the bottom of the outline view, or choose Editor > Add Assets > New Color Set.
  • A color set appears selected in the outline view and a Universal color well appears in the detail area.
  • In the inspector, enter a name for the color set in the text field.
  • Under Devices, select the devices you want to create a variation of the color for. The Universal color is used as the default color.
  • For each device, select the color well in the detail area and set its color in the inspector using the controls under Color.

2. Use a Named Color Set in Interface Builder (xib or storyboard)

In Interface Builder, the color set will appear in the Color pop-up menu under Named Colors.

3. Use a Named Color Set in Code

In order to use named color in code, we need to use init(named:) initializer of the UIColor. init(named:) this initializer creates a color object using the information stored in the named asset and return an initialized color object. We can simply use this method like -

let appRedColor = UIColor(named: "AppRed")
let appGreenColor = UIColor(named: "AppGreen")

4. Demo Video

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