How to take input by user in C++

User input: To enable the user to to input a value,use cin in combination with the extraction operator (>>). The variable containing the extracted data follows the operator.
The following example shows how to accept user input and store it in the num variables.
For example:

int num;

**Note:-**As with cout,extractions on cin can be chained to request more than one input in a statement:

int a,b;

Accepting user input: The following program prompts the user to input a number and stores it in the variable a:

For example:

using namespace std;
int main()
     int a;
     cout<<"Enter a number\n";
     return 0;

When the program runs, it displays the massage "Enter a number", and then wait for the user to enter the number and press Enter, or Return.
The entered number is stored in the variable a.


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