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Swift Programming Language Tutorials
Introduction to Swift
Constants, Variables, Type Annotations, Print, Comments and Semicolons
Optionals Chainings by Example
Data Types and Operator Declarations
Int by Example
Float by Example
Double by Example
String by Example
Operator Declarations by Example
Sequences and Collections
Array by Example
Set by Example
Dictionary by Example
Class, Structure, Property, Functions, Init, Deinit and Extension
Classes and Structures by Example
Properties by Example
Methods by Example
Extensions by Example
Initializers and Deinitializers by Example
Access Control by Example
Enum (Enumerations)
Enum (Enumerations) by Example
Advanced Enum (Enumerations) by Example
Advance Swift
Advanced Operators (Bitwise) by Example
Tips and Tricks
Best iOS Development Tips and Tricks
Best iOS Development Tips and Tricks - Part 2
Best iOS Development Tips and Tricks - Part 3
Best way to check if your iOS App is running on a Jailbroken Phone
Download Xcode and other Developer Tools up to 16 times faster
Best way to manage Development, Testing and Production iOS builds with different settings
Platform Features
iOS 13 - How to Integrate Sign In with Apple in your Application?
iOS 12 - Password AutoFill, Automatic Strong Password, and Security Code AutoFill
[Xcode Pro Tips] How to use Asset Catalogs to support Named Colors?
How to change an iOS application icon programmatically?
How to create a verified iOS Mobile Device Management(MDM) profile?
Setup Universal Links in iOS App and server for it.
Enable Universal Links and URI Scheme in same application.
Handle query parameters in Universal Links.
Tools and Libraries
Create a Library using Swift Package Manager - Stepwise Tutorial
How to use SwiftLint with Xcode to enforce Swift style and conventions?
Cocoapods remove duplicate symbols for architecture i386 error.
Xcode Quick Fix - Clear Cache.
Alcatraz - The package manager for Xcode.
What's new?
What's new in Xcode 11?
What's new in Xcode 10?
What will be new in Swift 5?
What's new in Xcode 9?
What's new in Xcode 8?
iOS CORE APIs Tutorials
DeviceCheck API - Unique Identifier for the iOS Devices

Porting or Cross Platform
Universal Windows Platform porting guidance for Android and iOS developers.
How to make your new apps available for pre-order on the App Store on all Apple Platforms
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